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There are so many, many people, as well as their four-legged friends, who have been served by compounding. Meet the many individuals who have been personally helped by pharmacy compounding. Learn more about their stories, and how their lives would be dramatically different if it were not for the unique medication solutions compounding has brought to them.

I have a condition called acholasia that makes it difficult to take medications orally as I cannot guarantee that it will make it into my stomach to be absorbed. My physician has referred me to a compounding pharmacist who has made medications in a topical form that absorb through my skin making the need to swallow the medication not necessary. Having this option available to me has been very beneficial and I cannot imagine where I would be if I had to rely upon standard swallowed medications.

- Brian C.

Being able to receive a carefully calibrated version of a drug just for me, vs an extraordinarily expensive “off the rack” option from a large pharmaceutical company.

- E. Winslow

It has saved me from enduring extreme withdrawals. So grateful for it. Weaning off of cymbalta is hell without it.

- JS

I have started in May taking Bioidentical Hormones. This has helped me so much in my life. I can now sleep at night, my normal energy is returning. I had terrible brain fog and I can now concentrate. Please allow compounding pharmacies to continue. It has changed my health and so many others!!!

- K. Skirkanich

When my Lyme Disease was really bad the joint pain was unbearable and nothing helped. A compounding pharmacy made my topical pain reliving cream- it was amazing. Best pain med ever, and it wasn't another pill. Now I'm a peri menopausal woman with no testosterone. I get testosterone compounded in a cream and it is life changing for me. I have energy again. Big pharmaceutical companys can't replace that.

- L. Odell-Wyche

"Some medications like hormonal supplements are better absorbed through the skin. A compounding pharmacy prepares them with precise measurements that are just right for the patient. For me, it’s been topical progesterone which stopped breakouts, yeast infections, and uncomfortable sex.

For my son, compounded topical antibiotic cleared up an infected dermatitis rash."

- A. Kaufman

It is the only kind of thyroid medicine my body can handle. I couldn't function without it. Commercial meds make me very sick.

- L. Menzel

"Compounding has been a life saver for both my daughter and I.

I am allergic to all artificial dyes. All of them. I carry epi-pens as I go into anaphylactic shock. I almost died from eating a cupcake. I was in the hospital for almost a week and on steroids for two months. That's how long it took for those toxins to leave my body. So it's NO JOKE. If you think eating is a challenge, try finding medications without dyes. It's was extremely difficult. Until I found out about compounding. So when I say it's a LIFE SAVER. It truly is for me. Without being able to have access to compounds, I don't know what I would do or how I would be able to be treated for illness. And of course I have some other allergies that unfortunately are expanding as I get older as well.

My daughter suffers from autism. She has allergies. She also has a compromised immune system and gets sick frequently. I cannot imagine what I would do if I did not have access to the medications that she needs without having them compounded. She had gotten sick and was prescribed medication a few years back that was NOT compounded and her whole face and lips blew up so bad that she asked me for ""boo boo"" ice packs to put on her lips. She broke out in hives and her throat started to swell. She kept saying ""Dr. Mommy will get you better"" . For a minute just imagine how broken hearted and terrified I was knowing that she was experiencing a life threatening situation over something that I gave her to help her get better when she was already sick. Since we have EVERYTHING compounded for her. This has never happened again.

It our right as human beings to have access to these life-saving compounded medications. My daughter and I should not have to worry about our future, because without them, we wouldn't be able to live.

Many heartfelt thanks for your invaluable service!"

- C. Robbins

Compounding allowed me to fight Lyme disease symptoms and make progress towards regaining the physical strength necessary to go back to school.

- G. Hill

My husband has been taking a nicotinomide and RG3 nasal compound that helped save his brain. He was DOA at the ER in July of 2016 due to a seizure he had while no one was home that sent him into cardiac arrest from which he never awoke. He was found face down next to our bed 2-4 hours after this event occurred. The ER doc told us not to do the surgery that would save his left hand and right forearm and hand from amputation because his brain was "mush". Today he is a walking miracle. After 9 days in a coma he woke up when they told he he would not, I started him moving and working his PT when they told he may be paralyzed. He spent two months total in hospitals; one for critical care, the other for rehabilitation. He was here but not here when our amazing doctor prescribed this comping for him. He would speak if spoken to but not volunteer conversation, couldn't express his feelings, and couldn't process things clearly or appropriately. A couple of days after he started taking this compound he began to remember things better, he started talking, volunteering conversation, looking at his PhD level math books again. It gave him energy, supported his brain as it healed, and supported his mood. Now we both take it and it is of great help for me in relieving pain, increasing some energy, and mental clarity. I don't know where we would be without this medication that can only be produced by a compounding pharmacy. Please don't stop!! Thank you, Christina and Allan Hungria

- C. Hungria

I am currently taking three prescriptions made by a compounding pharmacy. The personalized formula and method of production makes the prescriptions more bioavailable and have made a huge difference in my life. Compounding pharmacies are needed to provide this service that gives a better quality of life to its patients.

- C. Gunter

"Compound prescriptions have helped me because I needed my rx to be done gluten and casein free. Also, my compounder made sure that my prescriptions were due free.

In more than one instance, compounded prescriptions were less expensive than name-brand or generics that went through my insurance at a major pharmacy.

Compounding is the way to go for me."

- Stacy

I suffer from hashimotos disease. My doctor prescribed me a compounded progesterone cream that I used each night to help maintain my hormone levels. I swear this cream, in conjunction with my thyroid medicine saved my life, allowed me to get pregnant again and keeps me balanced. I would be ill without it.

- L. Black

Several of my patients and family members have benefitted hugely from compounded pain creams for muscle and neuropathic pain without need for oral medication.

- N. Gokal

As a physician, there are times that I can’t offer a commercially available product to my patient to help with their condition and compounding has offered them solutions not otherwise available. I have patients with food allergies and sensitivities and being able to have medications made specifically for them that avoids their allergens is lifesaving and offers piece of mind. I have also personally benefited from compounding and feel that this is a very valuable option that I would like available for my own healthcare as well as my patients.

- T. Odell

Compounding pharmaceuticals have helped our son and are a necessary part of his treatment. One prescription he takes is a custom nasal spray that has to be compounded once per month. It can't be purchased anywhere. It does not contain any additives or preservatives, is specific to his disability, and is necessary for our son's optimum behavior and functioning. Our son has many allergies and intolerances. He can't tolerate gluten, casein, starch, dyes, glutamates, gelatin, corn starch, high fructose corn syrup or anything processed. Many drugs contain these offending ingredients. If our son is exposed to these he does not sleep, becomes hyperactive, and aggressive. It has been through trial and error and testing we have discovered this. Without knowing this our son would have inadvertently been placed on heavy duty anti-psychotic drugs instead of properly removing the offending ingredients that he can't tolerate. Compounding Pharmacists can formulate custom prescriptions without offending agents. Without compounding pharmacies our son would not be able to access any prescriptions. He would suffer and everyone around him. A child experiencing a negative reaction from a drug can be handled but an adult would land themselves in jail. Ibuprofen, a common pain reliever, is compounded for our son. He must take it while undergoing IV treatment. It helps reduce headache pain due to the IV medication, but if it's not compounded he will not be able to take anything and suffer unnecessary pain and inflammation. Our son also has cerebral folate autoantibodies. Consuming any dairy or casein found in many prescriptions will block folate from binding to receptors in his brain despite supplementing with folate. The Pharmaceutical industry needs to start thinking about patients first rather than profits. Stop trying to eliminate compounding pharmacies. There will always be patients who can't tolerate pharmaceuticals and will need custom compounding.

- T. Ryan, C. Ryan & Theresa Farrell Ryan DMD

I use compounded aldosterone for adrenal insufficiency/hypo-aldosteronism. Most people with this rare condition take Fludrocortisone or Florinef, the synthetic version of aldosterone, however, I cannot take this medication due to severe side effects of confusion, fatigue, and hypertension. Currently, the main supplier of compounded aldosterone in the US has back-ordered compounded aldosterone and I cannot yet find it anywhere. This medication has been a LIFE SAVER for me, making it so that I can sleep, as I cannot sleep a full night without it. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover the cost of compounded aldosterone. I pay about $450/month for this medication but, am so grateful for the medication that I am happy that at least it was available.

- M. Kay

My Chihuahua, Buck, had severe bronchitis and needed a customized coughing suppressant compound medicine. Big difference once received this compound script.

- B. Smith

The ABQ Biopark has been working with a compounding pharmacy for more than seven years. As an institution serving numerous and varied species, we routinely have a need to administer medications and supplements in forms and doses that are not typically manufactured as mainstream pharmaceuticals.

Our compounding pharmacists have provided many products over the years that have facilitated our care of the collection’s animals, including: anesthetics and sedatives compounded into higher concentrations so that we can use just one dart when anesthetizing larger animals; flavored suspensions for oral use; and raw drugs in huge quantities to treat elephant illnesses.

When we were treating our white rhino for a foot abscess and she was refusing her prescribed antibiotics, the compounding pharmacy took the time to create an individually dosed marshmallow treat concoction that she adored and which successfully treated the infection. They are always quick to suggest appropriate flavors and methods of preparation when I call with a new medication problem. Compounding is a critical service for most zoos and our pharmacy has been a lifesaver.

- Gwen A. Dragoo, BS, RVT, Head Veterinary Technician, and New Mexico

Thank you all at P3 for your efforts in keeping compounding pharmacies a "freedom of choice" for everyone, especially those like me who have to take something daily for a medical condition.

After what I went through years back now, I not only will not but cannot take any pharmaceutical synthetic drug(s)! Though I will be 62 next month, I have been taking a bio identical compound for the past four years now.

I would like to see bio identical compounds paid for by insurance companies as I pay out of my own pocket for what I take as well. Because I was never afforded the "freedom of choice" by former doctors, I would like to see a written form provided to me as either part of a new patient package or on a yearly update basis by my doctor(s) office, that advises me that "bio identical compounds" are also another medical avenue available to me as part of my "freedom of choice" regarding my care and as a patient as well. It could very easily be incorporated and I would sign it yearly with my updates as well.


- D. Carlson, California

Our dog, Tucker, has frequent seizures which is very hard on all of us. He is on three medications to try to control them – we will do whatever we can to take good care of him. One of the medications, potassium bromide, was only available in liquid form. As you can imagine, it is not the easiest thing to administer to a dog by shooting the liquid in his mouth with a syringe twice a day. Concerns surrounding this are not getting the full dose if some runs out, the obvious difficulty of administering this and not being comfortable having someone else administer it if we need to board him. His other meds are pills or capsules which are easily administered in a Pill Pocket.

Through a compounding pharmacist, we are able to get potassium bromide in capsule form making it MUCH easier to provide Tucker all of his meds at once in a Pill Pocket. We are assured he is getting the proper dosages and it is easy for others to provide him the care he is used to when we board him. I feel if we couldn’t provide this care, we would never be able to travel because I wouldn’t be comfortable putting the burden on someone else. We are extremely thankful for our compounding specialist!

- L. Compton, Georgia

Compounding pharmacy is not an option, it is a necessity for many healthcare providers, myself included, treating complex patients.

My name is Peta Cohen. I am a clinical nutritionist working in my private practice since 1996. The focus of my practice in pediatrics, particularly the treatment of children with autism, ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Genetic Disorders, and inborn errors of metabolism, as well the complex adult patient, has demanded the need to provide a delivery system for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals that goes beyond what is available through both the pharmaceutical and nutrition supplement industry.

Creating an opportunity to restore the body back to balance is not an option, but a fundamental demand of the provider patient relationship and cannot be achieved through dietary modification alone. If a nutrient or drug is required to leverage healing and a restoration of health there needs to be an appropriate delivery system to ensure the intake and uptake of this support.

Without the option of compounded medications and supplements I would never have had the opportunity to impact the life of so many individuals.

- Peta Cohen, MS., RD Clinical Nutritionist/Metabolic Specialist, New Jersey