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Tell Your Friends

Help us spread the word about Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions! Do you have friends, family members or co-workers who could benefit from pharmacy compounded medications? Here is a sample email for you to send to tell them about compounded medications and how they can benefit. Please feel free to edit the message.

Sample Message:

As someone who understands the importance of a patient’s right to access safe, quality treatment, I am writing today to tell you about Partnership for Personalized Medications, a nationwide advocacy group that is working to preserve patient access to customized medicines.

You may not know this but there are many who require a unique, customized approached to treatment, and for these patients, medicine is a not a one-size-fits-all situation. Thankfully, because of compounding pharmacies, millions of patients are able to access personalized medication solutions – prescribed by licensed practitioners and prepared by trained, licensed pharmacists.

Working with physicians, compounding pharmacists are meeting are the individual needs of patients like me -- children, adults and animals. Whether it’s an allergy to a dye or ingredient, a need for a different strength, or a preference for a different dosage form, compounding pharmacists provide the best solutions to meet unique medication needs.

If you believe in patients' rights and personalized prescription choices, help us share this message. With your voice, compounded medications can remain a viable option for patients who are not served by commercially available preparations!

Go to and register to become a part of this important partnership. Every voice is important in our campaign to educate and engage and urge support for personalized prescription choices. Join our effort, today!