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Help keep compounding a vital treatment option. Let your communities, the media, and your Congressional representatives know how you rely upon compounded medicines. Tell them that you are committed to making sure they remain available to patients who need them!

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Let others know how pharmacy compounding provides you with an invaluable healthcare service, and how you might not have been helped otherwise.


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Worried that the federal government may keep your doctor from prescribing a compounded medicine that’s “just right” for you? Or maybe you’ve already had that problem.

There is something you can do about it. Speak up! Send a letter or an e-mail! Know what to ask and who to ask! Get help from your state representative or even your Congressman and Senator! You’re not in this alone… millions of people use compounds every day and it’s a right they not only expect but also deserve.

There is no one better than you to tell others how pharmacy compounding has made a difference in your life!

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Do you or a loved one use compounded medications? If so, being part of the Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions is a great way to stay informed and learn how to make smart decisions about working with your doctor and your pharmacist. Join P3 so you can make your voice heard and help ensure your access to compounded drugs.

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Have you read or heard that the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are trying to keep you from receiving the medicine tailored just for you? Perhaps you’ve dismissed it as just a typical “sky is falling” story … but you might be surprised at how true that story really is.

To find out some of the issues affecting compounded medicines, click here.

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Read about the various news stories occurring in the pharmacy compounding world. Read about various perspectives of pharmacy compounding – from practitioners, patients and academicians.

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